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5 Tips You Need to Practice to Become a Yoga Instructor

Yoga workout is a different physical and mental activity compared to the ones you do in the gym. Yoga uses a calmer approach to release the tensions in the body and detach the mind from negative thoughts for the rest of the day. These reasons alone encourage people to choose yoga for their active hours. 

A yoga instructor is needed to guide yogists to do proper positioning, breathing, and thinking. Being a yoga instructor is a fulfilling job because you can be flexible while leading people into the yogic philosophy and lifestyle. You can even have your own teaching style, work on what time is best for you, and work anywhere.

If you are passionate about your own health, fitness, and wellness and want to share it with other people, then you will want to know how to become a yoga instructor. However, here are some important tips that you need to consider as you get started:

  • Know the different Yoga styles

You must have tried yoga already for your desire to become an instructor. The most important thing about being an instructor is that you must love what you are doing. However, remember that it takes skills to teach people. To become a yoga instructor, you have to learn the different yoga styles and techniques. Research about each and see what works best for you, and then focus on mastering that style. Be consistent in practicing, as it makes all the difference in helping you become a better instructor!

  • Gain more skills

Once you are confident enough with what you have learned, you need to upskill by enrolling in a teacher training course. Knowing yoga alone does not mean you are a great instructor already. There are people who are good at something but don’t know how to transfer their skills and knowledge to other people. Because of this, you need to learn how to teach. Keep in mind that yoga isn’t just about poses; it also involves anatomy, philosophy, and physiology. As such, you need hands-on training and mentorship from real yoga teachers and observe how they teach. 

  • Aim for a yoga instruction certification

Having a certificate from a training course means that you are qualified enough to be a yoga instructor. A certificate reflects that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to be an instructor. It also means that you are credible enough to be employed and have enough dedication and commitment to your profession. 

  • Establish valuable connections

Establishing a healthy connection with people in the industry will help you find a job easily. Build connections with your yoga teachers and classmates, as they might know more people in the industry than you. They might also know someone or a company that is looking for an instructor. If they know you are eyeing for a position, then they might put in a good word. 

  • Look for growth opportunities

Now that you are qualified, you should start looking for opportunities to teach your learned profession. List the companies that you are interested in and compare those that you would best fit in. Companies are always looking for different qualifications, so you can apply for full-time positions if you are ready for it or part-time positions so that you can have your own time to enjoy. 

The good thing about being a yoga instructor is that you can be your own boss! You can even set up your own yoga classes and gather potential clients. Just be sure that wherever you go, you enjoy what you are doing!


Yoga is more about living a healthy and sound life. If you really want to be an instructor, you should have a passion for it, the comfort of being around people, and the desire to help and inspire others. Keep in mind that you are leading people to a better life, so you should not stop learning and improving!

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