Necessary Information About Fitness for Senior Citizens

Fitness matters no matter how old you are, and that certainly applies to older generations. In fact, there have been several studies that emphasize the importance of exercise for seniors. Having a somewhat structured fitness program or just wanting to live a more active lifestyle is always key. 

It Is Never Too Late to Start

There is a misconception that someone who did not live a remotely active lifestyle shouldn’t even try it when they age. That is absolutely false. It is never too late to start exercising and yield the benefits of having a regular exercise routine. 

A great benefit of exercise is the way it can elevate the mood of a person. Even the simple act of brisk walking, swimming, and even riding a bicycle can make all the difference in strengthening both muscles and heart. It also allows for an improvement in endurance alongside a strong boost in energy. Cholesterol and blood sugar levels are better controlled through this. 

When people take on a sedentary lifestyle, their health risks rise as well. There are heavy conditions that could possibly come from lack of exercise, such as heart disease or diabetes. When there’s resistance training or strength exercise in a person’s routine, their bone health is well-cared for and their muscle tissue is preserved well. 

What Exercises Are Not Tough on the Joints?

Exercises that bear no weight are better for the joints, like elliptical machines, rowing, and riding a bicycle. The same goes for water exercises such as water walking and, yes, swimming. That said, a health care provider could still recommend exercises for seniors at home that are weight-bearing. The point would be for the bones to get stronger and to have them be well-protected as well. 

Is Exercise Necessary for Someone Who Isn’t Overweight?

Regular exercise is just as crucial for people that are well within their healthy weight range. In fact, a study that showed thin people who live sedentary lives were far more prone to health risks than people who are overweight yet physically fit. When people live a lifestyle that’s decidedly inactive, their risk for health conditions that are grave increase. That includes heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.

How Much Does Exercising Actually Cost?

Walking is free, and that’s a form of exercise, so it’s a key place to start. The only investment that requires money is a pair of walking shoes that’s comfortable and, of course, a safe place for the walk in the first place. Depending on where a person lives, chances are, their community center has low-cost group classes for fitness. The internet also has a wide range of videos available.


Exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle no matter how old a person is. When it comes to seniors, it’s particularly helpful to keep them going. There are many exercises that are easy on the joints for people who may have issues on that end, such as swimming or rowing. Brisk walking is one simple exercise anyone can do. No matter what exercise you plan on doing, just remember to keep moving!

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