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Mishell has gone outside the box in keeping me on track with fitness and exercise, and is willing to push me just a little bit further in helping me with the difficulties associated with my Parkinson’s Disease. She takes a deep interest in her profession, is enthusiastic, supportive and compassionate, and I am truly lucky to have her.

Dr. Arnie Kahn


I have had the pleasure of working with Mishell for several years and have noticed improvements in my physical skills. She is a joy to work with and a very nice and caring person.

Dr. Don Lee


When I first arrived at my current Retirement Community, I had severe lower back problems which prevented my standing or walking for any significant length of time.  I also had balance problems due to Peripheral Neuropathy in my lower legs and severe inner ear problems.

When I first met with Mishell, she asked me what it was that I wanted to accomplish.  We began working on these goals.  As goals were accomplished we established new ones and have been proceeding along these lines for over three years.

Through extensive Core Training, Strength and Stamina Training, and Balance and Flexibility Training through Yoga, I am currently in very good physical condition for a 78 year old.

I would strongly recommend Mishell as a Personal Trainer for anyone who wants to improve their health and Physical Condition.



Having Mishell work with our residents is such a huge benefit to them. They always enjoy seeing her and doing the workouts with her. She works with them to help build strength and improve balance and her services are very beneficial to our residents. Additionally, her kind and positive spirit truly does lift the hearts and moods of everyone she comes in contact with. We are so grateful for her!

Jamie Kimmel Schaub
Constant Care Homes


It is my pleasure to sing the praises of Mishell Elliston, my personal trainer extraordinaire!

Mishell always has my best interest foremost. She listens to me, she truly listens to me.  She is always invested in working with me. She knows when to push me harder and when I need an easier day. She expertly knows how to modify my exercise program to keep me comfortable yet at the same time she can push me to always do better.

As a resident of a senior living community, I’m just one of many people who love working with her. Her energy is always motivating. She’s a happy person.

It is said that “movement is life” and I credit Mishell with allowing me to enjoy my life to the fullest.

Jean Dyrek