In Home Services

Senior and Post Physical Therapy Programs 

Mishell has gone outside the box in keeping me on track with fitness and exercise, and is willing to push me just a little bit further in helping me with the difficulties associated with my Parkinsons Disease. She takes a deep interest in her profession, is enthusiastic, supportive and compassionate, and I am truly lucky to have her.

Dr. Arnie Kahn


Getting older—even with the injuries and health conditions that sometimes come with it—shouldn’t mean trading in exercise for a recliner. Is getting to a gym a challenge? No problem! Thats why we come to you.


As we age, regular exercise becomes all the more essential in keeping our bodies and minds healthy, allowing us to maintain our independence as long as possible. If you have been prescribed physical therapy, an ongoing exercise plan is especially critical once that short-term therapy is over. The many benefits include:

  • Combating slowing metabolism; helping to maintain healthy weight
  • Increasing strength and stamina
  • Preventing loss of bone mass
  • Improving balance and coordination; reducing risk of falling
  • Helping to relieve symptoms of arthritis
  • Reducing anxiety and elevating mood
  • Improving sleep
  • Keeping the brain active; helping to prevent memory loss and even dementia


As Personal Trainers, our job at eightlimfit is to assess your health history and current fitness to develop a safe, effective, age-appropriate, and enjoyable fitness program to help you meet your goals. And all in your own home.

30/60 minute sessions


Personal Training

Our team of in-home fitness experts specializes in innovative, customizable exercises that focus on core and functional training.  Reaching your personal fitness goal is our number-one priority.

30/60 minute sessions


Ayurveda Counseling

Ayurveda (Ayur – life, Veda – knowledge) is an ancient health care tradition that originated and is practiced in India. Our team will teach you about the three basic energies, or Doshas — Pitta, Vata and Kapha — evaluate how they uniquely combine in your body, and guide you in applying the alternative methodologies of Ayurvedic medicine to maximize your health and wellbeing.

30/60 minute consult


Group Services

Motivational Speaking

Looking for an inspirational speaker for your group or organization? Mishell is available to share her journey from paralyzing accident to professional fitness trainer. Passionate about fitness for seniors, she also loves to share what seniors can do to maintain their health and independence. Please contact Mishell for scheduling and pricing.


Yoga Certifications

This 200-hour yoga intensive offers you an excellent foundation for teaching yoga. We focus on proper alignment, safe teaching techniques, and pranayama breathing practices, as well as the history, philosophy and vocabulary (Sanskrit) of yoga. A licensed physician provides instruction on general human anatomy and on the specific application to yoga poses. If you are already certified, we are offering the opportunity to refresh your anatomy without having to take the full course.


Contact us for the current course schedule