Success through Self-Discovery: Helping Teenagers Find Their Way

In today’s fast-paced world, the meaning of success has been blurred with how much you’re worth, the size of your bank account, and the magnitude of your influence. However, all these things are temporary and can quickly disappear in unexpected circumstances. 

True success is accomplishing what you are passionate about and serving your purpose with passion. It certainly is not an overnight thing. It’s not a race but more of a journey you take one step at a time. 

Each of us needs to discover and map out our paths to success and be accountable for our decisions in achieving our goals. The best time to learn this is not when you have a stable job or have reached a certain status in life, but while you are young and discovering your purpose, principles, priorities, and passions.

If you are a parent or an adult in charge of training the next generation, you must be able to help young people transition into responsible, insightful adults, able to take command of their own life and chart their way to success. 

We need to teach them about personal responsibility, self-discipline, and accountability for their choices and work toward the future they want to achieve. 

Here are some strategies that can help you guide your children or teenagers into this significant transition through self-discovery: 

1. Assist Them in Discovering and Strengthening Their Identity

Identity is such an essential aspect of becoming a person of success. Young people need to know and be certain of who they are and positively affirm their identity. Children who grow up in a stable home with an environment of acceptance and affirmation help them become secure, confident adults. 

This confidence helps them go after what drives them with wisdom, finesse, integrity, and hard work. They are not easily discouraged or dismayed and are more willing to take positive risks that help them be who they project themselves as. 

2. Get Them Established in Strong Values

Values are core beliefs that govern and inspire behavior. They help us decide our priorities. A person’s values explain how they treat themselves and others and how they interact with their environment and set the tone for behavior.

Values are excellent, desirable, or worthy and drive purposeful activity. They are the goals for which we strive and serve as a moral compass that helps us make decisions in life. Since values get shaped by our perspective, it is vital that parents and guardians establish a culture in the home where good values can be grown and reinforced. 

When you raise your children in the right way, you help them not to stray. They will stick to these values as adults, no matter the circumstances. 

3. Help them Set Goals for Success

Following values, establish a goal or personal mission statement. It’s a call to action for your teen’s life. It helps set boundaries and encourages your teen to work hard for their goals.

A teen’s personal mission statement changes and grows with them. A yearly review of their personal mission statement is essential to keep their goals and action plans on track, especially as they near independence. This is an effective strategy that provides young people with clarity, focus, and motivation to achieve their goals. 

Goals create accountability, responsibility, and push them towards taking the actions needed for success. The best life coaches will make goal-setting in such a manner to continue motivating individuals to keep at it concerning their goals. When goals are too challenging to achieve, young people tend to bow out and lose interest. 


In our journey to success, self-discovery is essential because it empowers us to know the strength already within us to be where we need to be in life. It gives us the courage to face challenges, deal with conflict, and develop the ability to thrive and keep moving forward.

If you believe you lack the confidence or expertise to train your children in this manner, you may consider hiring a life coach who can provide insight and practical assistance to your teenagers to stay on track toward their path to success.

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