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In Excellent Health: Safe Exercises for Senior Citizens

Many people have pointed out the rise of lifestyle diseases. The United Nations published an article stating that these ailments significantly impact health services. Thankfully, you can combat them with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

The more significant issue here is how the elderly incorporates strenuous activities into their lifestyle. With the numerous advantages, there should be exercises for senior citizens. It will improve their quality of life. But how much physical activity should they participate in?

If you have elderly loved ones (or perhaps in your twilight years), you should pay close attention to this article. It will make a significant change in their (or your) life.

How Much Physical Activity Do Seniors Need? 

They may be in their twilight years. But it does not mean that they should miss out on the fun. To ensure that they enjoy every moment of their life, you should encourage them to join exercises for senior citizens.

Wellness coaches and medical experts suggest at least 30 minutes of moderate activity daily. Together with a health coach, they can do it five times a week. It would equate to two and a half hours a week. The key is consistency.

To make it less of a chore, they can do it with a loved one. The elderly can also hike in the park to make the most out of the scenery while burning calories. But again, they should not overdo themselves.

How About Walking?

You might be asking what type of activity is best suited for the elderly. If you were to ask 20 wellness coaches, you would get twenty different exercises for seniors. Each would tout that their program is the best, but would it suit your elderly loved one?

Remember that there is no such thing as bad exercise except if you injure yourself. Of course, your elderly loved one may experience cramps, especially if it has been long since they have exercised. In this case, why not start things by walking?

You can join your elderly loved one for half an hour of brisk walking. If you do this 4-5 times daily, both of you will notice a recognizable reduction in your weight. If the senior citizen suffers from high blood pressure, they will also observe the positive changes on those issues.

Are There Other Activities?

There are a lot of exercises for seniors. You can enroll your elderly loved one in swimming, dancing, and aerobic classes. If the senior citizen is fit, they can even try lifting weights. But there should be a qualified trainer to guide them to avoid any injuries.

If it is not possible for you to engage in physical activities, you may want to invest in an exercise machine. Although this is an excellent idea because it will encourage everyone in the household to exercise, this should be your last choice because indoor physical activities may quickly become monotonous.


Engaging in physical activities offers significant health benefits. It does not only help us reduce weight. But it can also aid us in managing our stress levels and lessen our risk of getting diabetes and hypertension. With that said, our elderly loved ones would benefit from exercise.

If you are looking for safe exercises for senior citizens, you should reach out to Eightlimfit. We believe that a healthy body results in a healthy mind, so call us now for more information!