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Regaining Control of Your Life When You Feel Adrift

Are you feeling adrift in your life? There are various points in our lives where we may feel lost, stuck, and discouraged. Your confidence may be shaken by setbacks such as an unfruitful job search or an unfulfilling career.

However, we need to understand that this is entirely normal on our path to success. It is all about getting back up and regaining control after we have gone adrift.

What Sets Us Adrift

Our culture often emphasizes celebrating life highlights such as milestones, prizes, rewards, and wins. However, we generally don’t talk about our feelings as we struggle to find motivation and direction to get to these wins.

This can make us feel like no one wants to know you or what is happening with your life unless you are “killing it” by doing something extraordinary or making lots of money. We may feel like anything short of an Instagrammable life of wealth and pleasure is unacceptable.

However, if you frequently communicate with people, you will see that most of them may be depressed or sad, but they are keeping it to themselves because they think this is embarrassing.

In this age of social media, it may seem like everyone is doing well and that you are doing something wrong if you experience setbacks, failure, and defeat. Hidden behind the scenes are the consecutive failures people go through to experience consecutive successes.

Life coaching programs are made to help you accept that it is normal to fail and experience setbacks. These programs allow you to get back on track to keep pushing, move forward, and regain control of your job, career, or life.

Regaining Control

Here are some tips you can apply to take control of your job, career, and life.

  • Appreciate the Little Things: Instead of dwelling on negativity and losses, focus on your little joys and successes.
  • Take a Break: You can take a break from your daily routine by going on a long weekend for a change of scenery. Decompress and reboot your thinking with fresh air, new sites, and different people.
  • Focus on Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health: Instead of turning to excessive drinking, eating, and risk-taking to numb the pain, these activities actually do the opposite. You can turn to relaxing activities such as reading, watching uplifting videos, going to the gym, doing yoga, or taking a walk.
  • Live In the Moment: Although it may be challenging, shifting your negative and over-critical mindset can help you live in the moment and appreciate the beauty life has to offer.
  • Extricate Yourself from What Makes You Miserable: Do you feel miserable in a particular social setting, around certain people, or while scrolling through social media? Extricate yourself from that setting and replace it with a productive hobby instead.
  • Find Something You Succeed In: Look for hobbies that can give you small incremental successes that will boost your confidence.
  • Be Honest: You can be honest about your feelings and struggles with your friends and family. Don’t be afraid to ask them for advice.
  • Establish a Timeline: Instead of falling back into failures, set realistic goals you want to accomplish and a realistic timeline for you to achieve these goals.


With the age of social media, it’s easy for us to feel like we are doing something wrong when we experience setbacks and failures while everyone seems to be bringing out consecutive successes. We need to remind ourselves that people experience straight losses behind these successive successes.

Does this sound too difficult for you, or do you not know where to start? You can find a life coach to help you get back up and regain control of your life.

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