Eightlimfit Policies and Procedures

Clients are solely responsible for reading and following our guidelines to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience. By attending a class, you agree to our procedures and policies.

1.) Payments and fees are due in full at the time of registration or before class starts.

2.) No client/student is allowed entry after the start time of the class. Please allow yourself enough time to arrive and get situated. Arrival past start time may result in a forfeit of your reserved space.

3.) To maintain a safe instructor/student ratio, we may limit the number of students per class. Signing up means you are reserving a spot with a trainer or instructor. Please be respectful when signing up for classes. If you do not plan to attend, this may be taking experience from another student.

4.) No cell phones allowed during exercise. Ringing cell phones can be very disruptive. Please let yourself be “unplugged” while you are working out.

5.) No pets allowed during sessions. As much as we LOVE our four-legged friends, we ask that you keep them at home.

6.) Please be conscious of perfumes, oils, and lotions, as this may be disruptive to the friends next to you.


To keep peace within the Eightlimfit Community and ensure class times and attendance operate efficiently, we ask that all students read and comply with our cancellation policies.

1.) In case life gets the best of you, we ask you to cancel your reserved space promptly to allow another guest to take your place. If you are a package student, you must cancel your class before the start or forfeit the single session used to reserve your spot.

2.)EARLY BIRDS (5:30 am)- We require 3+ students to attend and be signed up by 9 pm the evening prior. Low numbers will result in the cancelation of the morning class. The best effort will be made to inform clients of a cancellation, but we suggest checking the class schedule the morning of.

3.) A class/ Group MUST HAVE 3+ people signed up in attendance at least 2 hours before the start time for class to be held. In addition to the daily 3+ policy, class time must have 3+ people in attendance consistently for four weeks. If the class fails to reach attendance quota, it may be subject to change or removal. This is to ensure we are offering classes that appeal to everyone, and energy is being omitted and obtained.

4.) Annual Contracts- All contracts – If you choose to terminate the year before the original date of expiration, you will be subject to a termination fee of 60 days of the annual cost. From the notice’s date, you will be required to pay (monthly or in full) the three-month early termination fee.
5.) Once a purchase of services has been made, there will be NO refund. In the event of an error in purchasing, contact the owner to correct this within 24 hours.