Life Coaching

I work privately with individuals to help them recognize the patterns and habits that create the challenges they are experiencing. Clients become self-aware and gain a real understanding of why they react, respond, and behave the way they do. By providing them with tools, coaching will help to create a simple plan for putting career, family, health, relationships, and es-sential aspects of your life into the place and giving you a sense of peace and harmony.

Sometimes it takes someone outside of your circle of family and friends to keep you on task. As much as you tell a story about who you are, those around you do the same and often don’t know how to help you. If you have help from someone who hasn’t had a chance to hold you back or judge you, who isn’t going to be biased by your past behavior and is willing to encour-age you to continue to reach beyond your expectations, you will see a transformation in your mindset and what you believe your potential and possibilities are.

A life coach isn’t necessarily going to be your cheerleader, but they will be there to encourage and push you while keeping you on the right track to-wards fulfilling your goals.
Mishell can provide Life Coaching practices in Grief, Relationships, Career, and Spiritual.

We can work on a National level by using Face Time, Skype, Google Duo and more.