Meet Mishell

Meet Mishell Vale Elliston, owner, eightlimfit 

Hello and welcome! I’ll keep this brief, because your time is valuable and I’m all about making the most of it.

How do I know that yoga works wonders on the mind and body? Because yoga gave me back full balance, strength and coordination after a childhood accident that paralyzed the entire left side of my body. Doctors told my mom I might never walk again but, with help, I retrained my mind and body to relearn what I’d already learned as a toddler. Yet as I entered adulthood, I was far from having the strength and range of motion to do everything I wanted. (Click here to read the whole story).

Though my physical limitations made it difficult at first, in 1998 I began to practice and study traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, as well as medicine ball. The practice changed my life as I earned my 500-hour-plus Certification from Yoga master Eric Faqir at Advanced Yoga Sciences in San Francisco, CA.

No matter what your physical challenges, no matter what your story, I can help you train your mind and body to perform at their full potential. I specialize in working with seniors in the post physical therapy stage of recovery, individuals with Parkinson’s and other physical challenges who still need an ongoing fitness plan long after short-term physical therapy ends.

I work closely with physical therapists and physicians to design a plan just for you, in your own home.

I offer a full range of services including yoga, medicine ball training, nutrition and Ayruveda counseling. All things I practice and believe in.

That’s my story in a nutshell. I’ve been at square one, and I know how great it feels to do things once beyond my reach—like competing in triathlons and keeping up with my non-stop 12-year-old daughter.

Thank you for visiting us here at Looking forward to meeting you face-to-face.

To your health!