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Connect with the rhythmic wisdom of nature with Sunrise Yoga. Tap into your natural rhythm and awaken with our 60-minute practices released weekly, Monday, Wednesday and Friday .You will be introduced to new morning rituals, including awareness, Yoga Nidra, gentle asana sequences, based sun salutations. Find your place on the grass, while exploring a range of traditional yogic practices. Engage your day grounded, centered, and in tune with the harmony of life. Let’s come together and celebrate our Mother Earth.

Starting this Spring in the Parks sign up to get more information.

We have a local favorite new to Central Corridor.

The krch Aesthetic Medicine Philosophy

Still excited by vacations, new loves, opportunities, promotions, holidays, and occasions?  We have young hearts and active minds.  We have ideas to contribute and have earned our voice through our sweat and tears.  Let that strong inner person out.  That self that is youthful, active and wise.

krch Aesthetic Medicine aligns face and body with heart and mind using the latest and best minimally and non-invasive procedures.  No distortions.  No exaggerations.  Just youthful skin, sculpted bodies, fresh hairlines, and much more to restore confidence and the desire to reengage life.

Dr. Ryan Krch, NMD
480 493 5833